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Hi I'm Taran! Ive spent the last ten years diving deep into the world of healing arts and fine arts. Having studied and pursued over a dozen career paths I felt for a time an enormous pressure to choose one area of expertise to focus on.  It took me some trial and error to realize that I am a multi faceted and multi passionate human being fueled by the ways I've learned to embody and express myself. This website is a combination of all the things that have healed, inspired, and nourished my soul, all based around the intention of living a well balanced holistic and creative lifestyle.


I have spent my life exploring the worlds of holistic healing, yoga, meditation, plant based cooking, gardening, herbalism,  fine art, interior design, sustainability, outdoor adventuring, travel, personal development, writing, sound healing, singing, and music. I have a voracious appetite for exploring creativity and healing in any form. I offer a variety of events, workshops, and courses to help give people the tools to invite healing and creative empowerment into their lives. I hope to share the things I've learned so far, and to encourage those around me to step whole-heartedly into their fullest expression. 


Thanks for being here. :)   


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